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Patient Testimonial for Dr. Hall

“One of the very few times, had to be given a local anesthetic in my gums. Dr. Hall did so without pain. He used a numbing gel before he gave me the injection, and completely abolished any sensation from the injection. I didn’t feel a thing from the injection or the procedure.”

Shawn R.
Patient Testimonial for Dr. Weaver

“I have used this dentist since 2001. They were able to do work that other dentists turned down, and that kept my smile looking great for the past 12 years. Thank you Lake Wales Dental Group!”

Edward H.
Patient Testimonial for Lake Wales Dental Group

“Long story short, I travel over an hour to see the dentists at Lake Wales Dental Group. However, if you want the long story: I moved out of Lake Wales, and decided after years of being with Lake Wales Dental Group to find a dentist near where I live. BIG MISTAKE! The other group treated me like I was cattle in a herd. I explained that I had recently been to the dentist and had my current medical records, and just needed a cleaning. They told me they would accept my x-rays and records, but then required me to get a new digital x-ray and re-examination. They told me I needed all of this major dental work, tried to upsell me into a bunch of dental products I questioned needing, and then only polished my teeth. They ran out of time to actually clean my teeth because they were so busy upselling me into dental work I didn’t need. I, of course, came right back to Lake Wales Dental Group inquiring about why in 6 months from my last exam, cleaning and x-ray had my mouth gone to such disarray that I now that this other doctor was claiming I needed over $9,000 dollars worth of dental procedures and products.

“The doctors re-examined me and explained that I merely needed a cleaning and exactly one extremely small cavity. They showed me on the x-rays where the other dentist was claiming I needed work, and showed me that no decay existed in those areas and that I only had one minor cavity. They also thoroughly explained my options for removing or keeping my wisdom teeth (which were perfectly healthy, not negatively affecting my other teeth in any way, and not causing any pain) a procedure which the other dentist made sound like life or death if I didn’t have removed immediately. Needless to say, this was not a necessary or immediate procedure at all. So, like I said, I am back at Lake Wales Dental Group with Dentists I have trusted for years, and it is worth every minute of the drive to know I am getting honest care and not being upsold into dental work I don’t need or want!”

Anonomous Patient (from Yellow Pages Reviews)
Patient Testimonial for Dr. Weaver

“I have been going to Dr. Weaver at Lake Wales Dental Group since I was a little girl. He never made me feel nervous, always was warm, funny and explained everything so I understood what he was doing. He would even position the mirror so I could see what he was doing if I wanted. When people tell me they are afraid of the dentist I am always shocked because Dr. Weaver never gave me reason to be fearful so I have never been fearful. My mother, on the other hand, loved Dr. Weaver because they will do sedation dentistry on her since she was already afraid of the dentist before going here. After a few years she now doesn’t have to use anything to help calm her nerves because she completely trusts Dr. Weaver and the other dentists at Lake Wales Dental Group.”

Nic H.
Patient Testimonial for Dr. Weaver, Dr. Halliburton and Dr. Hall

“I have been going to Dr. Weaver and Dr. Halliburton for years. Dr. Halliburton fixed my overbite and Dr. Weaver removed my wisdom teeth. I absolutely never feared the dentist because I never had any pain, and they always provided me with top quality care to keep my mouth healthy. After 30 years, I just had my first cavity after being pregnant, and having all the hormone changes that come with such an event. Dr. Hall fixed the cavity without any pain. He & the staff were caring, educated, and efficient. They even numbed my gums with a flavored topical gel before giving me a numbing shot for the procedure, so I didn't even feel the injection to numb the area.”

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